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     Dany Island - Reef damaged in most recent cyclone/s

Hi, We read a lot about Dany Island before our arrival in Santo. We were very keen to head out there as all reviews and information was saying the snorkelling was fantastic and was of the best sites in the world. We caught a boat from the m... Read more

     Holiday Maker Vanuatu - Cancelled Twice!

We did our research and we’re so excited for this tour to reminisce the one we did 14 years ago when my daughter was 8. We sat waiting to be picked up for an hour, the reception at our hotel called to see where they were and they said it ha... Read more

     Vanuatu Brewing Limited - Mi bn drive atng 5 year nao mi no accident or mkm any damages lo wn truck blo company(Driver)

Mi olsm wn driver, mi luk ufla putm wok blo ufla nao mi tekm taem iah blo fulump smll information blo ufla sve acceptm mi, mi speak English and Bislama, mi look forward lo request blo ufla Read more

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